Mashaikh moot resolves to support JI to make Pakistan true Islamic, welfare state

LAHORE, Nov. 20(PFPP; Prominent Ulema and spiritual leaders from all over the country attending the Ulema and Mashaikh conference organized by the Jamaat e Islami, at Mansoora on Sunday, resolved to revive the Pakistan movement in order to make Pakistan a true Islamic, welfare state and for the enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa.
The moot resolved that the seats of spiritual learning would play their role in the eradication of corruption, interest based banking and immorality and nudity from the country.
A declaration unanimously adopted at the moot chaired by the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, pronounced that the enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa was the goal and ultimate objective of the people of the country.
The conference strongly condemned terrorist activities all over the Muslim world and underscored the need for Muslim unity, and impressed upon all the lovers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to rise above petty differences and promote an atmosphere of love, tolerance and accommodation.
The moot declared that the Jamaat e Islami was not the party of any specific sect or school of thought. It represented all schools of Islamic thought and the Maskaikh were ready to work with it. Prominent among those who attending the conference included Khwaja Moeenud Din Koreja, Diwan Ahemd Masood, Diwan Azmat Syed Muhammad, Khwaja Faridud Din Fakhri Aurangabad, India, Syed Tahir Nizami ( Delhi), Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Khwaja Noor Muhammad Sahv, Khwaja Nasrul Mahmud, Pir Ghulam Rasool Awais, Syed Muhammad Bilal Chishti Khwaja, from Ajmer Sharif, India.
The JI chief, talking to the media after the moot, said that the seats of religious and spiritual learning were a big force and had played great role in the Pakistan movement. He said had the Soofia and religious scholars not supported the Quaid e Azam, Pakistan would have remained a dream.
Sirajul Haq said that for the last seventy years, Pakistan was being run by those who had shown loyalty to the British rulers and betrayed their own nation. He said that the Maskakhih gathered at Mansoora had agreed to the programme of the JI mission to end the hold of the dictators, feudal lords and v vaderas and for the enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa. They had also resolved to pull the country out of regional, ethnic, and sectarian differences and to promote unity, brotherhood and cohesion in the society. He said the enemy was trying to weaken the Ummah by creating dissent and disunity among the Muslims and wanted to destrloy this country as it ahd done with Iraq, Afghansitna and Syria. Therefore, the shrines and spiritual seat s could be an effective force against the enemy designs.
Sirajul Haq said the JI wanted accountability of all the plunderers including those mentioned in the Panama leaks and other corruption scandals.
Relying to a question, he said it was surprising that the rulers had received steel mills as gifts. “We have been receiving nothing but dates and Zam Zam water from Saudi Arabia,” he said. He further said that if the rulers were involved in corruption, even the Qatar prince would not be able to save them.”
The Conference declaration condemned the terrorist activity at the shrine of Shah Noorani, Balochistan and called upon the government to expose the elements behind it, and to stop the character assassination of the real Maskahkh and the followers of Islam.
The conference demanded abolition of the interest based economic system for being a war against Allah and the Holy Prophet.
The conference noted that the Mashaikh and the Soofis were playing important role in the promotion of love, brotherhood and besides highlighting the teachings of Islam. It said it was an irrefutable fact that the spread of Islam in the sub continent and other parts of the world was mainly because of the efforts of the Aulia and Mashaikh. The conference called upon the government to acknowledge the role of the Aulia and the Mashaikh in this regard.
The moot criticized the deletion of various topics comprising the teachings of the Aulia and the Mashaikh from the text books and termed it a conspiracy of the aliens as was bound to damage spiritualism in the society. It demanded immediate restoration of these topics in the text books.
The conference took serious note of different irreligious and immoral activities going on at the shrines under state control and called for immediate end to that.
The moot said that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) was a constitutional body meant to make recommendations in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. It demanded implementation of the recommendations of the CII. It also demanded that real experts and scholars of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah as also the modern subjects should be included in the CII.
Expressing total solidarity with the Kashmiris facing oppression of the Indian occupying forces, the conference urged the government to approach the United Nations for the solution of the Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions.

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